Public Transport Fantasy Sequence

by Seahorse Divorce

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released January 30, 2015






all rights reserved


Seahorse Divorce Brisbane, Australia


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Track Name: Empty Objects
She keeps her gilded palace guarded
Her Taj Mahal tagged by an anonymous artist
Patchouli breath’d and nimble fingered
Chanteuse enchants in song
And chants her longing in hushed tones

You wake me up
You say I'm making all this up
I'm dreaming but I know I'm dreaming
So stop your screaming

Soon the air turns into liquid
A fragrance of a time remains so vivid
It’s underneath my toes
Shifting to and fro
Yeah its got me in it's throes

And now the clock is dripping
It ticks to the beat of a resonant frequency
And time goes slowly
And bends in the solar wind

You wake me up
Yeah I’m making all this up
I’m dreaming but I know I’m dreaming
So stop your screaming

In the flat light
In the white velvet night
There's a force at work here
There's a ghost in the machine

There is nothing in between
What is seen and unseen
These are empty objects
Asking beautiful questions
Track Name: Lover's Block
Poetry is not coming to me
Nor becoming of me
I'm sorry
Its just a humdrum life I lead
There's always somewhere else I'd rather be

Remembering all that I've lived and breathed
The memory comes back to me in a melody

The city's doors are opening
Begging for us to begin to step in
So come a little bit closer to me
Let me see what you see
And you'll see what I mean

Jealously holding hands with insecurity
We dilute the purity
And when it comes to you and me
There might be someone else I'd rather be

I’m giving up my right to be free
To live vicariously
In this fading night's softened reverie
I’m giving up my right to be free
To live vicariously
In this fading revelry
Track Name: Metatext
Glorious breath
A cold shiver enveloping...

Illusion the I and I
In choosing the by and by
Whatever's meant to be will find us all in time
A ripple of mumbled words
A cascade of jumbled verbs
But the metatext is all I heard

Always finding a way to break it down to size
Say something once why say it twice?

Now decompress a breathless sigh
Excited yet so resigned
Whatever will become of all these sleepless nights?
They're becoming an obstruction
Drained of all construction
All experiments in chemistry

New attitudes remain temporary
And another day is just another way to break it down to size
Say something once why say it twice now?

Glorious breath

Inhaling atmosphere its you who knows why you are here
No one else could ever take your place
Exhaling all the fear that kept you from what you hold dear
There’s not another breath to waste
Track Name: Negative Space
We the embodiment
The sacrament
The epitome of this teenage century
With lips left limp from smirking
It doesn't seem to be working

We in hapless pursuit of happiness
Vitality an afterthought
And all this trailing off...
It gets us nowhere
Claiming not to care
About what a life should mean
What it is to be a human being
A simple question
So why the hesitation?

But its all me
I'm all around me
I'm always here
And I'm sick and tired of myself

Me means nothing without you
I don’t have anything if I don't give anything back
Its as simple as that

No need to embody such sentimentality
Oh the humanity
The gravity

This is the emptiest place to breathe in
The last thing someone should believe in
But try as I might I may never ever get it right

Cause its all me
I'm all around me
I'm always here
And I'm sick and tired of myself

Oh the humanity
The gravity
Track Name: Long Term Loan
Tear the tallow
Swallow the fat you’ve been chewing
The baby’s under the boiling water that keeps on running
No amount of undoing
Could erect these ruins
Choose to select
Elect yourself as protagonist
Motivate the supporting characters

The house across the road
You don’t live there anymore

Mum shot through
Caught a train to the Barcoo
She’s living there
With a bloke she met down at the General Gordon
And she says its hot
But the heat don’t bother
She’d rather still be a mother
But what can you do?

The family from interstate
With the Border Collie and the Holden V8
Took out a long term loan for their structure of safety
Who knew their newborn baby
Would meet such a fate

I’ve got a roof above me
I’ve got people who love me
I’ve got a job to sustain all the hours that waste me
Don’t need to go hunting
Don’t need to do nothing
Just count my blessings every fucking day

The house across the road
No one lives there anymore
Track Name: True Survivors
Sweet scent of sweat
Surrender to the summer set
True survivors point their spans of attention
Towards vessels of skin
When I decide to start acting my own age
I'll show them what it means not to mean a thing

People we're hurtling through space
At a hundred thousand kilometres an hour

Whatever is olden is golden and I'm endowed with it
Keep turning my back on the slackness that I had found in it
An ear to the wall all I hear is the mating calls
Echoing down the valley mall
And its becoming a part of me

Sons slip into lycra suits to cycle in
Sipping half strength coffee like its vicodin
Fuel for assets and proof of status

Healthy girls held promo deodorant under my nose
As they squawk they get gawked at by the pack
The herd
The murder of crows
And they can smell the success
And they can taste the chemicals

An ear to the wall all I hear is the mating calls
Echoing down the valley mall
Becoming a part of me